Nowadays, why do people travel and travel motivators have become unclear to many.  The reasons and motivators of travel differ from each other. Therefore, this article explains the various reasons why do people travel.

Why Do People Travel and Travel Motivators by Mcintosh and Goeldern

Mc Intosh and Goeldern have mentioned the reasons why do people travel and travel motivators in four ways.  They are:

Physical Motivator:

The physical motivator is related to relaxation and physical rest that includes various types of sports activities and health goals.

Cultural Motivator:

Cultural Motivator is a way of choosing and acquiring knowledge of different cultures, customs, life, people, arts, music, dance, and so on. In simple terms, we can refer to a person who is keen to know other cultures.

Interpersonal Motivator:

It is a motivation with a desire to meet new people, visit friends and relatives VFR, and gain new experiences. Thus, VFR has increased in every country.

Status and Prestige Motivators:

It is travel for one’s esteem and status. This kind of travel includes travel for business, training, or pursuing education.

Here Are the Reasons Why Do People Travel and Travel Motivators  by Robinson

In addition to the above travel motivators, Robinson has further classified travel motivations into seven groups. They are:

People Travel for Pleasure:

People travel to get away their routine of daily life. Therefore, a person’s desire to travel for pleasure has become a very strong factor because of every day hectic life. A person would like to have fun, enjoy, and have a good time during their free time.

People Travel for Rest and Relax:

The industrial development and growth have created great pressure on modern living. The pressures and complexities of modern city life have made it more important than ever for people to get away from all this and to relax in a peaceful and healthy environment. Therefore, people travel to seek rest and relaxation to de-stress the body and mind.

People Travel for Health Reason:

Many people travel for better health. During the Roman Empire, we can see people Travel for health reasons. They travel to various spas to seek good health.

Till today, there are many people travel for better medical facilities, treatments, low-cost medical expenses, and other related to medical health.

People Travel for Curiosity and Culture:

People go to the cultural heritage and historical sites to know more about local people, heritage, land, and their way of life. Nowadays, through media and technology, we can read, hear, and see different places. This curiosity has moved people to travel.

People Travel for Interpersonal Reasons:

This type of travel includes people who wish to visit their relatives, friends, families, their countries, and to meet new people.

People Travel for Spiritual Reasons:

Traveling for spiritual reasons has been happening for a long time. Visiting places of worship has been one of the first reasons for traveling. Till today, a large number of people are encouraged to travel for spiritual reasons, e.g. visiting shrines, holy places, etc. The number of people seeking comfort in such places is increasing intensely.

People Travel for Business Reason:

These days, people travel to different places for business-related reasons. They travel at the national and global levels to attend meetings, expand their business, and launch new products.

Apart from the above reasons, we could also see a there is a significant change in the trend of travel.

What Are The New Travel Trends?

The nature and trend of travel have changed over the years. We can see there is a shift in travel motivation from the past. Therefore, let us discuss the new trend of travel.

You may also like the history of travel.

Travel for Fine Arts:

Fine arts such as graphic art, sculpture design, and paintings have become an important reason for travel. These days, art festivals are organized in many places. People travel to these places to learn the fine arts of other cultures.

This kind of art festival showcases a variety of fine arts and cultural expressions to make them more attractive. Edinburgh Festival in Scotland is the best example of the Art Festival.

Travel for Local Music and Dance:

Nowadays music and dance have become one of the world’s main tourist attractions. In fact, people go to these places to enjoy local music completely. For example, Mexico and Hawaii are attracting more calves to their home country because of local music.

Therefore, ethnic dance is another fun and exciting aspect of a country’s culture. The color, costumes, culture and the way of dance attract many people. The Ballet Folklorico of Mexico is an example of Ethnic dance festivals.

Travel for Agriculture Reasons:

Agriculture has become an important source to draw tourists in many places. In fact, agriculture attracts urban people to travel to rural villages. This type of travel offers a new experience of how farming takes place. Farming may include livestock, poultry, daily crops, and vineyards.

Travel for Education Reasons:

The education system is another reason why people travel from one state to another country. Education has become a vital source of travel. As a result of education, a new trend of tourism came into the picture. Therefore, students travel within the country or abroad for educational reasons. The main reason for travel is to seek better education or research-related purposes.

Travel for Food and Drinks:

Food and drinks of a country are some of the most important ways of expressing culture. Guests enjoy traditional cuisine, especially local items.

These days, People are keen to know the cuisine of other cultures. We can even find people who travel all around the world just to taste the local food and drinks in every country.

Travel for Status and Prestige:

Some people travel for ego and personal development. Therefore, many people travel to new places to talk about it to their relatives and friends. They like to impress them by relating their experiences to the various places visited.

Factors That Impact The Travel Growth:

The economic factors such as income, travel, age, education, and price of travel are the factors that decide the growth of travel. Some of the other factors that influence travel are:

Increase in Wealthy People:

The increase in wealthy people in developed countries is another reason why people travel. As a result,  people want to spend their leisure time visiting new places.

Increase in Young Free Individual:

One of the other reasons why people travel is because of the increase in young people who have freedom (when they have no family duties). This young person has a high income, this enables them to travel.

Improvement in Transport:

Due to better transport and development, travel price has become cheaper. Therefore, the low prices in travel result in the mass movement of people.

Pleasant Weather:

People travel to enjoy pleasant weather and to stay away from extreme weather conditions in the home country. Thus, due to the extreme weather, people travel to a place with pleasant weather.

Travel for Global Business and Trade Fairs:

People travel to different places to launch a new product and to showcase their products. This kind of travel helps the business to promote their products. It has, in fact, become a reason to travel so that they can reach the unreachable target customer.


Thus, the above reasons for travel have influenced travelers to travel to different places. These various reasons or motivators have made even the most unwilling person to travel.

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