The importance of tourism cannot be ignored. It plays a vital role in the growth of the economy, both at the national and global levels.  Therefore, in recent years, almost every country in the world has taken steps to increase the number of tourists

Besides, tourism is the largest and fastest-growing sector in the world; growth can be witnessed all over the world.

As a result of higher income, increased leisure time, and low cost of travel the movement of tourists has increased over the years. Therefore, the industry has shown very high growth.

The Importance of Tourism at the International Level

As per UNWTO reports, destinations worldwide saw an increase of 671 million foreign visitors arriving between January and June 2019. It is nearly 30 million more during the same period of 2018 and continuing growth recorded last year. The global visitors’ arrivals have increased by 4 percent as compared to the previous year.

As compared to 2000, the shares of Leisure travel and Visiting Friends and Relatives have increased from 50 percent to 56 percent in 2019.

We can see that air travel has increased manifolds, 58 percent of the global travelers use air transport. Traveling by air has increased from 46 percent in 2000 to 58 percent in 2018.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), tourism provides more than 230 million jobs directly or indirectly, Besides, the tourism industry contributes 10 percent of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP). The world tourism industry is a sector worth 5,000 trillion US dollars. The number of domestic and global tourist arrivals has increased every year. Besides, the UNWTO estimates that the number of domestic and foreign trips will increase by 1.6 billion by 2020.

It is worth mentioning that after travel agencies came into the picture in tourism, there is a significant increase in air travel. In fact, due to the various functions of travel agencies, it eases travel. Thus, we can see an increase of 58% in air travel in the year 2018 as compared to 2000.

The Most Visited Countries by Tourists

The number of tourists received by a country differs. Hence, the distribution of national and foreign arrivals is unequal. Knowing the countries that generate a significant tourist are very important. Countries that are visited by most of the tourists in 2018 are France, Spain, the United States of America, China, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, Germany, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. France was the most visited country. Thus, nowadays, many countries have realized the importance of tourism in their economy.

It is worth mentioning that the growing economy of Country’s was the main reason that contributes towards the movement of the tourists. Besides, reasonable air travel, better air connectivity, ease of visa processing, etc are the attributes that help the movement of tourists.

The Importance of Tourism in India

In India, it has become an important part of the economy because it creates jobs and contributes to its foreign exchange earnings.

We can see a huge increase in global visitors. In the year 2003, India has received 3 million global visitors. The number of global visitors has changed intensely since then. During 2015, the People of India has received 8.03 million visitors from abroad. This was an enormous rise in global visitors in just 15 years. Most of the visitors who came to India are from the United States, followed by the Bangaladesh and United Kingdom. As per the report,  India expects to see more than 15 million visitors by 2025.

As a result of global visitors, there is tremendous growth in foreign exchange earnings from tourism. In 2004, foreign exchange revenues reached USD 4.8 billion, 36.1% higher than in 2003. Every year we can see there is a rise in foreign exchange earnings.  During the year 2015, the foreign exchange earning was 21.1 Billion US dollars, 22.92 US dollars in the year 2006, and an increase of 27.31 US dollars in the year 2017.

Besides, in the year 2016, tourism has contributed 208 Billion US Dollars to India’s GDP. We can see an increase of 234 Billion in the year 2017. It is expected to reach 492 Billion US Dolar in the year 2028.

According to the data released by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), India’s Travel and Tourism sector rank seventh in the world in terms of its total contribution to the country’s GDP.

In 2016, the travel and tourism sector generated Rs 14.1 trillion and creating 40.3 million jobs in 2016. The country was rank 2nd in the world in terms of total employment generation. The sector represents 9.3 percent of the total jobs in the country.


Tourism is one of the most important sectors of the economy. Besides the direct impact of tourism, it is closely linked with other sectors such as agriculture, poultry, handicraft, construction, transport, etc.

The tourism industry is highly labor-intensive. It provides a million of employment, both skill, and unskill.

It creates foreign exchange demand and Increases Government revenue.

The development of tourist facilities will  help in the growth of local and industrial commerce

It helps expand the economy

It has a high multiplier impact

Increases the government revenues

It helps to improve the living standard and the quality of life.

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