UFTAA – United Federation of Travel Agents Association was earlier known as Universal Federation of Travel Agents Association. It was created on 22nd November 1966 in Rome. It was founded by the merger of two large world organizations, the International Federation of Travel Agencies (IFTA) and the Universal Organisation of Travel Agency Association (UOTAA), in recognition of the need to unite travel agencies and tour operators into one international federation. The general secretariat of UFTAA  is in Monaco.

UFTAA represents travel agencies and the tourism industry all over the world.

It effectively represents the views of tour operators and travel agents. These tour operators and travel agents can be both outbound and inbound travel by keeping constant interaction with other international organization such as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC),  International Union of Railways (IUR), IATA, International Hotel and Restaurant Association (IH&RA), and the International Road Union (IRU) to name a few.

UFTAA works closely with world bodies such as the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the World Health Organisation (WHO), etc. for sustainable and responsible tourism.

Aims of UFTAA – United Federation of Travel Agents Association:

The aim of UFTAA is to act as an international platform where matters relating to the world travel and tourism industry are discussed, represent and defend the interest of both outbound and inbound tour operators, travel agencies before the tourism-related service suppliers, governmental bodies, and other entities of international scope. It also aims at strengthening its member’s image and enhances the world travel and tourism industry, and sustainable tourism.

Functions of UFTAA – United Federation of Travel Agents Association:

UFTAA performs various functions for the interest and benefits of its members. They are:

It unites and consolidates the Federation of Travel Agent’s National Association, to enhance and promote the interest of the members.

Represents the travel agents’ activities before the various bodies, government authorities, and suppliers.

It adopts new measures to ease travel for the consumer and to offer services to its members.

Also, it acts as an information and investigation center, to offer information for technological development.

It organizes a world congress of travel agents. Besides, it also organizes meetings, seminars, and conferences for the exchange and transfer of knowledge.

It opposes all the rules and regulations that can be harmful to the travel and tourism industry and for free movement of all the citizens of any country.

Further, it works through its education bureaucratic obstacles in travel and to seek greater transportation safely.

It assists through its education committee, so that travel agents become better qualified through the IATA/UFTAA training program.

Overall, the primary aims and objectives of UFTAA are to promote, develop, and assist in the professional training of tour operators and travel agents.

Membership of UFTAA

The membership of UFTAA includes a large group of hospitality and travel partners, such as major tourism boards, hotels, car rental companies, airlines, shipping companies, and many other operators related to the travel and tourism industry.

UFTAA provides various benefits to its members such as a copy of its annual directory, a monthly UFTAA information bulletin courier, access to publishing particulars of agency in the UFTAA annual directory, discount charge assistance by the UFTAA legal department for the recovery of outstanding and in all literature, giving the agency professionals and ethical standing.


From the above discussion, we can say that UFTAA works closely with various Travel and Tourism bodies. Its aims and objectives are to promote, develop, and defend the tourism industry and work towards sustainable tourism. Its members include major tourism-related service providers, such as hotels, tour operators, travel agents, airlines, etc. Thus it is worth mentioning that this organization plays an important role and remains the backbone for the growth and development of the travel and tourism industry.

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