To discover the diverse cultures and traditions of India, traveling by train is the best choice. The train binds India together by providing a good train network throughout the country. Indian railways have around 60,000 Kilometers of railway tracks and more than 11,000 locomotives. The Indian Railways operates all the trains in India. Amongst many trains, there are 7 luxury trains in India.

Luxury trains in India

The luxury trains in India are:

Fairy Queen

The train was Built-in 1855 for the former East Indian Railways (EIR). The steam motor is the oldest operating engine in the world. It has prestige in the Guinness Book World Records as well as winning the National Tourism Award. The National Railway Museum, New Delhi, has been blessed by Fairy Queen Train.

In fact, the train starts from Delhi and arrives on the same day in the beautiful city of Alwar in Rajasthan. From there, guests are taken to spend the night at Sariska Tiger Reserve. Indian Railways offers unique two days all-inclusive packages on the Fairy Queen.

The Fairy Queen has a 60-seat air-conditioned car seat. This seat is made with large glass windows so that tourists can enjoy the front view of the locomotive.

It is a well-maintained catering vehicle. The coach has a beautiful lounge in the front, providing a scenic view of the countryside.

Deccan Odyssey

Maharashtra Tourism, Development Corporation Ltd. (MTDC) introduced a super luxury train called The Deccan Odyssey. The train is built in partnership with the Indian Railroad and the Ministry of Tourism.

The train is popular for its best luxury trains in the world.  Also, the train is compared with South Africa’s Blue Train, Orient Express Europe, and East and East Southeast Asia.

The train reflects the Indian Royalty method. In fact, each coach is named according to Maharashtra’s best locations and forts.

The train has 21 coaches, 13 of which are passenger vehicles. The train can accommodate eight people per coach.

It is worth mentioning that the train has two presidential suites, one meeting car, two dinner coach, two luggage coaches, one spare car, one spa car, and also one car bar.

Further, the train is equipped with air conditioning, FAX, LCD TV, internet services, beauty salons, foreign exchange facilities, physical challenges assistance, etc.

The train starts its journey from Mumbai-Ratnagiri-Sindhudurd-Goa-Kolhapur-Pune-Nasik-Aurangabad-Nasik and Mumbai. The train begins from Mumbai every Wednesday for seven days round trip.

Palace Wheel

The palace on wheels has been classified as one of the world’s 10 top luxury train journeys. The train had 12 lounges which were formerly owned by the former Maharaja, the Governor, and the Viceroy of the British period.

The Palace on Wheels began on January 26, 1982, as a unique holiday idea drawn by a steam engine. It was introduced in 1991, on an ancient heritage railroad track, a fresh air-conditioned meter. The interior of this 14 salon has a replica of the historic coaches. Each coach is equipped with a cabin with twin beds, music channels, and interior facilities.

The coaches are named after the Princely State of Rajasthan. Therefore, everything is per the colorful traditions of Rajasthan art. Further, the train Panels and ceilings are covered with miniatures and traditional motifs that reflect the pageantry of country life.

Golden Chariot

The Golden Chariot is the first luxury train to offer a luxury journey in South Region. It travels through the major destination of South India. In fact, it’s the heritage train of Karnataka.

This luxury train is built in collaboration with the Tourism Department of Karnataka and Indian Railways. The name of the train Chariot is acquired from the heritage stone “Chariot” at Hampi.

The facilities provided on the train resemble the facilities in the 5 Stars hotels. Therefore, in 2013, this luxury train was awarded as “Asia’s Leading Luxury Train” during the World Travel Awards.

The luxury train has two itineraries. Both of the itineraries are 7 nights journey that starts from Bangalore, Karnataka.

Every year the train operates from October to March.

From April to September there is no train service.

Royal Orient Train

It is one of the world’s most exotic trains to offer Royal experiences. This luxury train is a joint venture of the Indian Railways and the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat. It was developed in the year 1994-1995.

The train travels through the cultural sites of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is the perfect travel to experience the culture and heritage of the Royal Orient. This exotic train offers 8 days and 7 nights’ journey. It travels across the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The train is equipped with modern facilities and also in luxurious settings.  It offers a unique and lasting memory to its travelers.

Maharajas’ Express

The train is one of the finest luxury trains in the world. IRCTC operates this luxury train and the train provides a unique experience to the travelers. The train starts its journey in 2010. Since its inception, this luxury train has won many accolades.

Further, for seven consecutive years, from 2012 to 2018 the train is awarded as the “World’s Leading Luxury Train” at the World Travel Award.

This luxury train operates from October to April across 5 different routes. The train routes cover all the important land of kings in Rajasthan. The five routes of this train are:

  1. The Heritage of India
  2. Gems of India
  3. The Indian Panorama
  4. Indian Splendour and
  5. Treasures of India

Depends on the train routes the number of days and the cost of travel price differ. The cost of travel starts from 2.5 lakh INR and can exceed 4 lakh INR.

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

This luxury train was motivated by the grand success of the Palace on Wheels. The Royal train was developed by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) and the Indian Railways. It starts its journey in January 2009.

This train is renowned for its high-quality services on board. Further, the train has 14 luxury cabins to serves the best hospitability and the elegance of the bygone era. The cabins are equipped with a restaurant, bars, spa, salons, etc.

The train travels for 8 days and 7 nights’. The train journey starts from Delhi, the capital of India, and covers all the important sites of Rajasthan. Thus, it is a perfect Journey to experience the Royal Grandeur of Rajput Kings.


From the above list of luxury trains in India, we can say that India Railways offers a wide range of luxury trains to the tourist visiting India. All these Luxury Trains in India have their own uniqueness and covers different landscape and scenery. So, traveling by these Luxury Trains in India should be the best choice for tourists.

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