The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a worldwide association of all airline carriers. Therefore, the main function is to ensure the safe movement of people and goods from any point in the world. The same function applies to freight and mail.

Besides, IATA is a global commercial body consisting of a group of airlines.  It maintains the relationship between different airlines. It promotes safe, reliable, and cost-effective air services for the benefit of global passengers.  In addition, the association looks at flight policies, procedures, and standards.

IATA involves in many areas including industry support, environment, customer problems, security services, etc. Thus, the association is an important source of data for the airline industry.

They have an annual publication, “World Travel Statistics”, it is a source of global airline data. Besides this, they have market research that helps the industry develop and market their plans.

It was founded in Hague in the year 1919 when the world’s first scheduled services began. Later, it has changed its name to the International Air Transportation Association (IATA), founded in the year April 1945 in Havana, Cuba.

When  IATA was formed,  it has 57 employees from 31 countries. The majority of their staff are from Europe and North America. Its members consist of 240 members from 126 countries.

Besides, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is closely linked with IATA (International Air Transport Association ).

The head office is in Montreal, Canada. The executive office is in Geneva, Switzerland, and it has its regional offices around the world.

The main mission of IATA (International Air Transport Association )

The main mission of the association is to represent and serve the world airline industry. Therefore, they serve four groups who are willing in the smooth operation of the world air transports systems.

The four groups are as follows:

  1. Airlines
  2. The Public.
  3. The Government.
  4. The third parties such as cargo agents, travel suppliers.

The Aims of IATA

It promotes safe, regular and cost-effective air transport for the benefit of the global passengers.

Helps to maintain cooperation between air travel companies through global air travel services.

It closely works with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and other global associations.

It promotes air traffic and learns about the problems associated with it

Services of the IATA

It helps in planning global airline timetables.

It helps to standardize inter-company communication and reservation systems.

Provides training for travel and freight agents.

It maintains global coordination between telecommunication and computer systems.

It examines and solves the problems raised by tourism.

Maintains procedures for the movement of passengers and goods at the airport

It manages legal questions raised by tourism and develops security measures.

The Activities of IATA (International Air Transport Association )

It simplifies travel and shipping processes while keeping the costs low. Passengers can make one-way calls to order tickets. Besides, they can pay in one currency, and use the tickets in multiple countries on several flights.

It enables the airline to operate safe, effective and efficient under clear guidelines

It ensures that all airlines are well-educated about the complexity of the airline industry.

Acts as an intermediary between the airlines and passengers and cargo agents through applied service standards and centralized financial systems.

It acts as the global air transport industry that links between the government and the public. Hence, it represents a global organization.

On behalf of the government, it negotiates the global airfare and maintains the airfare agreement

It ensures high standards of efficient operation by airlines and their agents everywhere.

Note: Due to the various functions of travel agencies, it eases travel. Besides, the travel agency attributes the growth and development of tourism.

The Membership of IATA

IATA membership is available to all airlines, schedules or non-schedules. However, to become IATA’s member they should be licensed by the government to provide air schedule services that are eligible for ICAO membership. Other industry partners can also take part in various IATA programs and utilize the resources for their operations.

Besides, it organizes global conferences, exhibitions, and industry meetings. It also provides its participants with a platform for debate and discussion on new technology and industry-related problems. The debate topics include pricing, land handling, e-ticketing, legal issues, fuel, etc. Thus, such events benefit the government, airlines, and other travel-related services.

IATA Operations

The members of IATA (International Air Transport Association ) airlines are registered in some 85 nations. Their routes crosses almost every country in the world.

IATA Finances

The IATA Finance Committee deals with all accounting issues and settlements regarding their airline business. Therefore, the Department of Finance deals with the problems of currency and exchange, tax, costs, insurance, and statistics.

Technical Committee

The main function of the committee is to provide a platform to discuss technical development and draft the technical standard and recommendation as suggested by the ICAO.

Besides this, the committee also works on the need for new airlines, devices, and systems. It maintains priorities for development that will help the airlines, the government, and manufacturers to achieve their goals as well as efficiency and economy.

The Legal Committee

It consists of an expert from more than 20 airlines. The main concern of the committee is to deal with legal matters of global air transport. Besides this, the committee work with the legal aspects of traffic documents. The documents deal with problems like fraud, stolen tickets, and documents, hijacking, cargo, mail and baggage thefts.

Traffic Conference

The conference is held every two years, in autumn.  In addition, a special conference is called during the interval if required. During the conference, they review the fares of the airline, air cargo, passenger traffic, etc.

There are three traffic conference areas. Namely,

  1. The western Hemisphere, Greenland, and Hawaiian Island.
  2. Europe, Africa, and the Middle East area
  3. Asia, Australia, and the South Pacific area.

The conference is held within the context of this area. At times, the need for the interrelation of fares and rates throughout the world makes it necessary to call for inter-conference.

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