The Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association of India (FHRAI) is an apex body of four regional associations, representing the hospitality industry.

In fact, the FHRAI was established in the year 1954 and incorporated as a company under the Indian Companies Act 1955.

It was formed by the Hotel and Restaurant Association (HRA) of North India, New Delhi, HRA of Eastern India, Kolkata; HRA of Western India, Mumbai; and HRA of South India, Chennai.

Further, these four regional associations sponsor the FHRAI.

The FHRAI also provides and protects the interest of the hospitality industry by giving concessions to the industry.

The FHRAI is a member of the International Hotel Association (IHA). Its head office is the Federation Secretariat in New Delhi.

Objectives of Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association of India (FHRAI)

The objectives of FHRAI are to:

It unites the four regional associations and works towards encouraging, promoting, and protecting by lawful means the interest of the hotel and restaurant industry and raising the standards of the industry both at home and abroad.

It considers policies, guidelines, legislation, by-laws, and regulation that affects the industry and discusses with the government authority and initiate, support, or oppose by lawful means such legislation or regulation by various means.

Also, it advises and informs members about national/international matters pertaining to the industry and disseminates statistical and commercial information through surveys and research.

It prints, publishes, circulates papers, periodicals, books, and other literature, conducive to advance the interest of the industry.

It helps to provide training facilities to promote and function the hotel institute and for the hospitality personnel.

Activities of FHRAI

The activities of FHRAI are:

Dissemination of information to the members.

It organizes conventions and seminars which are an ideal forum to exchange experiences and ideas.

It conducts research on hospitality sectors that includes hotel and restaurant. Besides, it also updates on the latest development in the fields of the tourism industry.

Also, it provides a platform for human resource training in the field of the tourism industry.

It conducts regular professionals development programs to develop and update the knowledge and skills of hotel professionals.

Members of Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association of India (FHRAI)

The following are the membership offers by FHRAI:

The FHRAI hotel membership

This is offered to a hotel that is a member of one of the regional associations. The hotel should have at least ten rooms which should be functional, and a restaurant in the hotel is mandatory.

The FHRAI restaurant membership

A restaurant that is seeking FHRAI membership should be in operation and has to be a member of any of the regional associations. Besides, it should have a minimum of 25 covers.

The FHRAI associate members

It is offered to companies and firms. The companies or firms must be a member of a regional association. Besides, it should be associated with the hospitality industry.

The federation works in close coordination with the government keeping the government informed about the problems faced by the hotel and restaurant sectors.

Further, the FHRAI hosts an annual four days All India Hotel and Restaurant Convention, in which state and union government representatives are invites to participate in discussions pertaining to problems and their solutions, development plans, and also promotional activities.

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