Sociology is a subject that talks about society and people. It is defined as a science of society. It attempts to study social life as a whole. But social life is so complex that it is impossible to separate social problems from the rest of society. The life of man is many-sided. There are economic factors, political factors, the aesthetic aspect, the religious aspect, and so on.

Thus, sociology provides knowledge of social life by taking help from other social sciences that study exclusively one or the other aspects of human activity. For example, sociology help to understand a particular society, its political and cultural factors, its geographical location, its languages, its religion, its ethics, and finally its interactions with the rest of the world.

The above example, clearly shows that sociology cannot exist independently from other social sciences. In fact, other social sciences that have a close link with sociology are anthropology, political science, history, economics, philosophy, etc.

Difference between Sociology with other subjects

The difference between sociology with other subjects are as follows:

Difference between Sociology and History

These two are linked to both subjects. They deal with human civilization. Paul Banta has said that the history of culture and institution helps in the study of society. History is a concept of the past sociology, whereas sociology is the present history. History is the data on past events. In the past, this study is being traced and records for the benefit of the future society. Thus, historians study the importance of man’s psychological order.

On the other hand, sociology tries to analyze human relations with all complexity and diversity. It also studies the historical types of different aspects. It studies the various stages of human life, way of living, culture, and also its expressions in the form of social institutions and associations.

Therefore, sociology has to be based on history and historical facts It is useful to know the past and to understand the present. The historical record of various social events of the past provides data and facts to the sociologist. History provides details to sociology. It divides information about different stages of human life, and also the way of living in different communities, etc.

The main difference between these two are:

It is the study of present phenomenaHistory is about one’s past
It is a comparatively young science. It has a very short history of it. Not even two centuries have elapsed.History is the science of the age. It has a long story of 2000 years or more.
Also, it is the analytical scienceHistory is a descriptive science
It is abstract in natureFurther, history is concrete in nature
It includes various social scienceHistory is an individualizing science
Further, it follows the social path. It studies human events from a social perspective.


History studies human events in terms of time order.

Differences between Sociology and Political Science

Political science deals with the political activities of a person. It studies social groups that are organized under the state government. Some of the renowned political scientists such as Laski, Gettell, and Gilchrist are of the view that that the scope of political science embraces the study of both the state and the government.

Political science has its own topics such as the origin, evolution, and operation of the state, types of government, constitutional forms, administrative, legal, election, and voting behavior, international relations, political movements, and ideologies, etc.

In simple words, it deals with what a state has been and what the state should be.  Therefore, political science is very close to Sociology. In fact, social science has its own political origins. According to Morris, Ginsberg, historically, sociology has its main roots in the politics and philosophy of History. The main works on social subjects such as Plato’s Republic, the politics were written by Aristotle, Anthashastra written by Kautilya, and ’Laws and Republic’ written by Cicero and other classical works were treated to be the complete work on Political science.

Political Science and Sociology are closely linked that both topics are useful. In fact, political activities are part of social work and therefore political science seems to be a branch of sociology. Some sociological methods are used to understand political issues and have produced a new branch of knowledge i.e. Political Sociology. Sociology and Political Science are clearly linked to the most important trials of sociology.

Therefore, without social understanding, political science will not continue. Similarly, political science must be understood differently than socially. However, political science and sociology are two distinct educational fields. So far, the scope of these studies has been scientifically concerned, political science government and state on political society.

In recent years political science has been heavily influenced by one of the branches of sociology known as ’Political Sociology’. Political Sociology analyses political behavior and also studies social interactions, involved in the process of government. The interest of political scientists and political sociologist has been changing steadily in many respects.

The main difference between these two are:

SociologyPolitical Science
It is a social science that deals with society.Political science is a science of the state and government
It studies all types of formal and informal societies.Political science studies about the state and its organization
Also, it studies the law and legislation on how they affect affects a person’s social lifePolitical science study the law, from another point of view
It studies the evolution of human societyAlso, it studies the rise and development of the state and also the Government, etc.
It also studies all aspects of human and social behaviorIt studies the political aspects of man’s behavior and activity.

Differences between Sociology and Economics

Economics is the subject that studies human activities denoted to obtaining material means for the satisfaction of his wants. Thus, economic is the study of economic relations. Economic activities are being taken place in society itself.

Sociology study the relations of a group. Whereas economics is the study of man’s activity denoted to obtain material means for the satisfaction of his wants. Therefore, without understanding sociology, knowledge of economics is impossible.

Further, the relations of price and supply, money flows, input-output ratios, factories, markets, etc are handled by human knowledge and skills. Thus, to understand the type of business activity, sociological understanding is a must.

Economic and sociology are helpful to each other. Economic relations bear a close relationship to social activities. At the same time, economic activities affect social relations. Though economics and sociology are independent sciences. They are related to data, methods, and also finding, and theories.

The main difference between these two are:

It studies all kinds of human relationshipEconomics deal with only those relationship which is economic in character
It is a general social scienceEconomics is a special science
The scope seems to be wider. It has a comprehensive viewpointFurther, the scope of economics is narrow. It does not have a comprehensive viewpoint
It is a science of recent emergenceEconomic has attained an advanced degree of maturity
It is also abstract in nature and less precise. Social variables are very difficult to measure and to quantifyEconomics is concrete in nature. It is more precise. Economics variables can be measured and quantified more easily and accurately.


Thus, from the above discussion, we can clearly say that the true meaning of sociology is the study of society, or we can even call it a science of society. Besides, it also gives information on the social aspect of human activities.

Further, sociology has many linked with other subjects. Without studying the meaning of sociology and the link of sociology with other subjects, our knowledge will be incomplete. As a result, the study of sociology as a subject has become important.

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