The Constitutional Convention of the British is those rules of understanding, customs, and tradition which have been definitely recognized by the English society due to their practical utility and regarded as sacred laws of the constitution.

Further, the Constitutional Convention of the British constitutes a large and important part of the British political tradition. All political institutions of England are carrying out their activities with the help of several conventions. Being an unwritten and evolutionary constitution, a large number of conventions continues to guide and govern it’s working.

Practice becomes a convention when it satisfies three tests:

  1. It has been followed in the past.
  2. Also, it is followed at present and
  3. It is expected to be followed in the future also.

Importance of the Constitutional Convention of the British

  1. It lessens the rigidity of Laws: Laws can operate better with the help of conventions.
  2. Conventions are essential for keeping the condition up to date with changing circumstances. The convention helps the constitution to keep pace with changing times.
  3. Conventions are natural and essential products of social and political evolution: in the absence of a written constitution, the conventions provide the means for an orderly and systematic organization and working of a government.
  4. Also, the Conventions are essential for all mixed constitution: A country using democracy and monarchy always depends upon convention for formulating and operating the mixture.
  5. Conventions govern the actual working of the constitution. The convention determines the actual working of the constitution. It is important to study both law and convention. This alone enables a student to explain the gap between the legal framework and the actual working of that framework.

Role and Scope of the Constitutional Convention of the British

  1. A convention concerning Monarchy:
  2. The monarchy always acts upon the advice of the cabinet.
  3. The monarch does not attend the meetings of the cabinet.
  4. Convention governing the British cabinet system.
  5. The Prime Minister presides over the meetings of the cabinet.
  6. The cabinet can make war and peace only with the consent of the parliament.
  7. Convention concerning the British Parliament:
  8. The British Parliament is a bicameral parliament
  9. In each house of the British Parliament, a bill is read twice before it is passed.
  10. Conventions relating to the commonwealth of nations:
  11. British Monarch is the ex-officio head of the commonwealth of nations.
  12. The laws of the British Parliament do not apply to the Dominions.


To conclude we can say that conventions are backed by several sanctions and not one. Public opinion, practical utility morality, and concerns, all are sanctioned behind them. Conventions are backed by the customs of experience. There are time-tested customs and recognized rules of political behavior and hence are always obeyed.

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