In many ways, Hitler was responsible for WW2. Hitler was an over-ambitious man. He wanted to make Germany a big and powerful nation in the world. And having this end in view he did certain things which made the allies look at him so very suspiciously. They could not tolerate the rising power of Germany and they refused to give back German territories and colonies. They preferred to learn headlong into the conflagration of war than to follow the diplomatic path.

The following were some of points Hitler responsible for WW2

  1. Desire to Establish Bigger German Empire

Hitler wanted to establish a big German empire having all Germans by annexing Austria to Germany. Hitler resorted to fraud and force and captured Vienna, the capital of Austria on 14th March, I938. Though the big nations of the world opposed the move of Hitler, yet he paid no attention to it. The German possession over Austria proved the hollowness of the League of Nations. It created an international crisis.

  1. Capture of Czechoslovakia

England, France, and Italy accepted the hold of Germany over the territory called Saar as the people speak the German language. But Hitler was not satisfied with it. He demanded the German-speaking part of Czechoslovakia but after the Munich conference, he captured the rest of Czechoslovakia on 14th March 1939. It created a greater international crisis. The big nations of the world are now in a state of great turmoil. The system of collective security broke down and it was felt that the security of every state was in danger.

  1. His Thrust to Increase More Power

Hitler wanted to increase his power more and more. He compelled Lithuania to part with Memel in favor of Germany. This act of Hitler was also bitterly against, but he cared a fig about it.

  1. His Violation of the Treaty of Versailles

With the masterly stroke of his diplomacy, Hitler was able to divide France and Italy on the question of Abyssinia. When Italy captured Abyssinia, Hitler also invaded Rhineland, violating the Treaty of Versailles. Without caring a fig for the opposition of the allied powers, he started the work of fortification in that area. Now the European nations became convinced of the fact that in order to have an international peace they will have to jump into the war once again with Germ any.

  1. Hitler Foreign Diplomatic

Hitler by his diplomatic strokes created such bitterness between Russia and Britain that the latter started looking out for an opportunity to make peace with Germany. She became ready to allow Germany to attack Poland and divide the spoils of war. British diplomats themselves promoted the violation of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles thereby violating the principles of the League of Nations. It led to the making of all kinds of treaties and pacts, and the nations started looking with an eye of suspicion at one another.

  1. Hitler Foreign Policy

Due to the Foreign Policy of Hitler, they started making pacts in the Far East too. Japan wanted to increase its possession and influence in Manchuria, the territory of China, and annexed it. On Chinese complaint to League, Sir John Simon said “The victim of aggression should not throw the responsibility for dealing with it another member of the council but Russia was interested in curbing the rising power of Germany and Japan. In the East Japan and Russia were coming into the clash with each other as before. Thus, Hitler took advantage of hostility between Russia and Japan, through his Anti-Communist Pact, and made friends with Japan.”

  1. Hitler Helps Italy

Hitler was an opportunist. He helped Italy on the question of Abyssinia without caring a fig for the sentiments of the Britishers. In this manner, he succeeded in breaking down the pact of Italy with France and Russia and was able to create a friendship with Italy.

  1. Hitler Formation of Axis Powers

Hitler through his crafty diplomacy made a great change in the international situation, by establishing the Rome-Tokyo-Berlin axis in 1937. It gave more impetus to the formation of pacts among other European powers.

  1. Hitler Increase in Naval Strength

Hitler also wanted to increase his naval strength. Hence it was but natural for him to come into clash with England. The latter could no doubt bear the increase in the military strength of Germany, but in no case was it prepared to see her rise in naval strength. According to Agatha Ramm, “Hitler accepted naval inferiority from Britain to detach her from the Franco-Russian group but the break of Munich pact created determination of Britain against Hitler. ” Meanwhile Hitler demanded from Poland the road to reach the port of Dazing. Poland fully trusted Great Britain and France for their help; hence she rejected the demand of Hitler. Therefore, on 1st September 1939 at 5.30 Am. Germany invaded Poland which ignited the Second World War as both France and England declared war against Germany.


Thus, from the above points, we can say that his desire to establish a bigger German territory, his foreign policy, his formation of Axis power, increases in his military strength, etc. all contribute to Hitler responsible for WW2.

However, amongst various points that are discusses above, we can conclude that the main cause for the breaking out of the Second World War was the Foreign Policy of Hitler. According to Grant and Temperley revised by Agatha Ramm, “He had generated a dynamic power which consumed all before it unfit there was nothing left and then consumed itself.”

Source: Mohammed Rafi Komol & O. Jnanendra Singh
A Guide to History of Modern Europe 1789-1945.
Imphal, Khumanthem Babudhon, 2018,

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